Computer automatic register system of gravure printing machine

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Our company is a mechanical and electrical integration enterprise, which is well-known in the field of printing and packaging equipment development and production in China. Successively has obtained innovative achievements in the computer automatic register system of printing machine, web paper printing and die cutting, radio frequency identification (RFID) tag printing and die cutting, etc, and got the corresponding invention patents.
The computer automatic register system is developed with the combination of the original computer automatic register system (since 1997, our company engaged in computer automatic color register system development and production), and German advanced register technology. Double-register of the newly-developed system exhibits difference of conventional register system. The conventional register method is that the following color tracks the previous color, that is, the third color tracks the second color, and the fifth color tracks the fourth color. Thus, if one color wrong, it will impact on the following color’s register accuracy and result in low accuracy plus with printing machine dynamic-state running and substrates tension variation. This system adopts two sets register method running simultaneously. 1. Same as conventional register method, the following color tracks the previous color; 2. All colors track the first color, namely, the second color tracks the first color, the fourth color tracks the first color, and the eighth color also tracks the first color. Using these two register methods simultaneously makes register very accurately, and solves the low accuracy computer register problem, it is comparable with imported automatic register systems.

If you are a printing factory, equipped with standard gravure printing machines, we can upgrade it into a computerized machine by installing computer executive mechanism and automatic register system, for print out delicate products.
If you are a manufacturer of printing machines, we can support your printing machines with our computer automatic register system.
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The system is a professional computer automatic register system for multi-color gravure printing machine, consists of the host computer, touch screen, dedicated computers for each spot color channel, photoelectric sensors, encoder, register motor and mechanical devices, etc.


1. The machine adopts imported touch-screen human-machine interface, each part dedicated computer controlled, stable and dependable, displays plentifully and directly, simple operation.
2. Precise error detection, equipped with imported high-speed digital signal processor (DPS) and high-speed photoelectric sensor, high resolution, real-time, fast computing speed, ensures the high accuracy of register color error detection.

3. Wide correction range and fast correcting speed. Adopting advanced fuzzy control theory, which shorten the pre-press preparation time, ensure stable and accurate during the printing process, minimize waste.
4. High stability: fast automatic color code positioning, uses advanced error detection, calculation method and control model, maintain good precision register when the press acceleration or deceleration.
5. Wide application range, it is suitable for precise overprint control of BOPP, PET, PVC, PE, paper and other materials. 


Performance parameters:
Overprint control accuracy: ± 0.1 mm
Error detection accuracy: 0.005 mm
Min. detection resolution: 0.003 mm
Perimeter of printing plate: 250-2000 mm
Control range of speed: 10-300 m / min