LBD-500 Die Cutting Machine for Aluminum Foil


Die Cutting Machine for Aluminum Foil
LBD-500 type die cutting machine is developed by continuous improvement of our company according to advanced abroad machinery, mainly applied to aluminum foils, paper, film membrane, etc materials die cutting into different shapes (special shapes, round, oval, rectangular), etc. The machine is high degree of automation, precision cutting, and extremely high equipment efficiency.
1. Technical Parameters:
Material diameter: ≤ 500 mm
Material width: 400 mm
Die cutting speed: 90 ~ 180 times / min
Die cutting precision: ± 0.15 mm
Die cutting thickness: 0.1 ~ 0.3 mm
Die cutting effeciency: 4 - 8 pcs include the collector (basing on the mold layout)
Total power: 4Kw
Total weight: 1700Kg
Overall dimension: 2500x1000x1600mm