Solar Energy Back Film TPT Cutting Machine
  We design and manufacture this machine per the requirement and standard of solar energy industry. We guarantee the quality of the machine from the design, manufacture, and the after-sale-service.
  We are technology export-oriented company, with Mechatronics manufacturing capacity. We mainly engaged in software development and electrical control equipment manufacturing. Our representative products are: stepper motor drives, printing machine auto registering system,  Magnetic ticket checking system of Shanghai railway bureau and etc.
  Our company starts early in the field of solar energy back film cutting machine, with the mature technology both from the machine design, manufacture, and software control. In China, our machine is the best quality one in this field.
  Machine’s working procedure: material feeding( by hydraulic)--correction system—material unwinding—driving— material cutting(can set the cutting length, and reserve the punching holes)—automatically material packing after cutting.
Also, we can extra add the horizontal cutting knife to meet the different material cutting requirement, which per the buyer’s special request.
  Standard configuration and technical parameters
1. The material unwinding adopts the 3 inch air shaft, and by hydraulic loading, which can hold the material diameter from 300-800mm. The machine loading and unwinding is very convenient and save the working time.
2. Unwinding with the correction system, the Max. deviation correction distance is 200mm. The correction system guarantees the smooth feeding of the material and reduces the material wasting by wrong cutting.
3. The unwinding tension is controlled by 10kg magnetic brakes. The worker can control the tension through the control panel.
4. Unwinding driving uses the 0.75kw frequency control motor(frequency control made in Taiwan Shengbang), which can control the driving speed and tension in step less way
5. The round knife is driven by Variable frequency motor
6. The round knife base is by Precision Grinding, which can guarantee the cutting precision. The round knife is up and down 2 pieces. (Knife made in Korea, Yizhi brand)
  The cross cutting system:
1. The main motor is 2.2kw loss of power brake motor(Made in Taiwan Shengbang). This motor is high in quality: which with speed reduces system, comes with brake in loss of power, and high in torque.
2. Cutting knife is driven by 3.0kw servo-motor ( Made in Japan YASKAWA ), we use this high quality motor which can guarantee our cutting precision and stability. This motor performs excellent in hundreds of our cutting machines
3. We reserve the base for punching correction, the base can be with metal mould, and the position can be adjusted in both directions. The punching program can be opened or closed.
The punching position can be adjusted: from front to back 55-90mm, left to right 10-90mm.
4. The cutting knife we use Wuxing brand( which Made in China), the cutting knife base is by casting, tempering and grinding plane. Which guarantees the straightness of the cutting knife and cutting precision, and not deformation.
5. Cutting knife positioning adopts the guide column system ( Made in Japan Gaoye).
   The cutting knife of other domestic Chinese cutting machine manufacturers they use the slider positioning system, which is more easily be wear and tear and causes change the cutting knife frequently.
   So to overcome this short-comings, we adopt the guide column system, which can highly enhance the cutting efficiency and stability. The lubricating oil is loaded inside the cup, which easily to be collected
6. The angle between knife base and cutting position can be adjusted 90 degrees. Besides the knife can be micro-adjusted, the whole knife base also can be adjusted. We use this design to guarantee the diagonal error can be controlled below 0.5mm~1mm.
7. The driving roller uses the material of polyurethane, better than NBR rubber, which is more tear-resistance. After balancing treatment, the polyurethane has the more friction, and plays a key roll in the length control cutting.
Normally the polyurethane roller is used in high quality machine
   Control system
1. The control panel is 5.7 inch color one. The parameter setting is very easy.
2. Controlled by frequency converter Danfoss, high in quality and stability
3. The PLC is produce by our company, we guarantee the quality and the after-sale-service.
4. All the driving rollers and floating rollers use the  air cylinder pressure damping system. Our machine adopts the system of “ vertical arming”, which is the best design in China. Under this design, no wonder the material both in thick and thin, it both can be driven smoothly, and reduce the material deformations. The air cylinder is famous brand ” Yadeke”
   The Auto packing system
TPT back film
  Adopts the hydraulic lift trucks in slope, which can guarantee more than 800pieces material packing
EVA(EVA material)
1. Feeding servo and cutting servo in synchronous
2. Pneumatic mechanic claw hand and driving is synchronous.
3. The cycle type, front and back movable linear guide ( Made in Taiwan, HIWIN)
4.The whole package can be transported by electrical lift trucks
5. Pack in good order
max. static elimination, and the necessary safety protection
   The Machine parameter:
1.cross cutting width: 1160mm
2.unwinding diameter: 800mm
3.Cross cutting speed: 75times/minute max.
  TPT: 20~25 pcs/minute
  EVA: 10~15pcs/minute
4.Cutting precision: TPT/TPE±1mm     EVA±2mm
5.voltage: 380V
6.Total power: 8kw

We use the best quality spare parts(阿特斯Canadian Solar 、正泰Chint Solar、赛伍Cybrid、回天Huitian、中来Jolywood) to guarantee the whole machine’s precision and quality. In one words, this machine is the best one in China in this Field.